Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today I have to admit that many of my blog posts aren't useful. Instead of providing information to help others deal with serious, personal issues ... and rather than giving some level of relief or insight, I've bantered about notions and ideas that don't encourage or support people in these difficult times.

The Paurian Cafe started out as a sounding board, but as time passes, and as I supposedly mature, it becomes more apparent that personal sounding boards and web journals generally don't help the public who have an actual and realized need.

What do people need? What do they want? Where are we heading from this point?

Irresponsible people in government have an idealistically optimist outlook. They have for years. A politically influential man told me in June 2008 that we had eight more years before our nation would collapse. That in eight years, we would no longer be "America". He didn't say we wouldn't be "America as we know it," but that we would no longer be American soil. I wish I had started investing in gold then. I thought of doing it last spring, but decided to put that money towards refinancing our house to lower the monthly payments. We're living in times where every decision we make is invariably a bad one depending on who you listen to.

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