Monday, February 22, 2010

Liberal Suicide

I find it ironic that citizens who reside in the most liberal city of Texas, which recently incurred a kamikaze incident, would label suicide as an act of cowardice. It's the same strong liberalism of these same citizens and their "ideals" that promote millions of abortions each year.

Here's a quote from Wikipedia:
"Liberalism asserts that a person's life belongs only to them, and no other person has the right to force their own ideals that life must be lived. Rather, only the individual involved can make such decision, and whatever decision they make should be respected."

Anyone who promotes pro-choice for abortion, but doesn't promote pro-choice for suicide is the worst kind of hypocrite since they assert having the judgmental right reserved for God. Really - what's the difference? In both cases a person is making a choice that will affect the rest of the world based off of what they view is best in a highly emotional situation.

*The Flippant Sarcastic Conclusion*
Liberal citizens of Austin should stop complaining and conservative citizens should find another place to live if that liberal lifestyle and mindset bothers them so much.

*The More Reasonable Conclusion*
Be one sided and not two-faced. If suicide doesn't make sense, how can abortions? They're both 99.9% of the time done in acts of anguish, fear of the unknown future that lies ahead, and desire to forgo the responsibility of life that comes packaged with the joy of living it.


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